A pair of hands slides the results to her across a large oak table. Remalia takes the sealed envelope, containing the new results of her Captain's exam. It's been two seasons since her last attempt. Different motivations drive her now. She thanks the Council and excuses herself from the room. Her nerves churn in her stomach as she briskly walks down the hall towards Lyra's room--she promised her they would open it together.

Seeing an open door, Remi bursts in and thrusts the envelope into Lyra's hands. She's too nervous to open it herself, unable to banish visions of her last cold, scrawled rejection. Lyra opens it for her, eyes darting back and forth over the writing. She remains blank-faced, handing the letter back to Remi.

Not again? She scans the report.

"....displayed exceptional improvement in strategy and responsibility for fellow Guild members. Due to this increase in leadership potential, The Council officially recognizes Remalia's promotion to Captain rank in the Rogue's Faction.

To be assigned a squad with the following Captains: Xae, Seraphine, Elyssa, Lyra."

The next few moments are a blur of excited squeals, jumping, and gleaming smiles. Xae, Seraphine, and Elyssa burst through the door as if on cue, carrying a platter of ChocoRaspberry Truffles and a bouquet of Rainbow Posies (Remi’s favorites).

Remi looks around the room, smiles meeting her gaze. Glassy-eyed, she smiles back. Her friends give her more reasons for being in The Guild than just personal glory. They're not just her colleagues, they're her family.

The memory ends.

You look at The Jewel of Truth, now floating from your palm towards the rift. Dark energy is being drawn out of it and is expelled from the world. The Jewel shatters down the middle, crumbling into smaller fragments, and turns to coal. Exhausted, you head back to The Guild-- You hope that you have helped make Mynerva a little safer, for now. The memories have made you recognize the importance of teamwork--looking out for others can afford you a greater strength. You have already decided to stop by the market for a box of ChocoRaspberry Truffles on your way back.