Chapter 1

Her eyes open to a high-noon sun, hanging brightly in the sky. A small bird (you recognize it as Lilia, the companion to the Druid) lands on her shoulder, chirping joyously. She smiles, stretching away the last grasps that sleep had on her. Her name is Adella, named after her quiet, gorgeous, forest-covered hometown in the northwest.

Adella opens her mouth to speak to Lilia, as she does every morning, but, as usual, silence emerges. Since she was a young child, she has been unable to make a sound, for reasons that continue to baffle even The Guild's own doctors and researchers. What Adella lacks in voice, she makes up for in brilliance. Intelligent and talented, she is able to communicate through magic and Lilia’s chirping. She quickly became a Captain of The Guild’s Druid faction, having worked her way up the ranks through a series of intense challenges against formidable foes. Adella fears no beast; she is a master tactician that can form brilliant strategies on the fly.

The Key of Dreams focuses on this particular day, with its high-noon sun, for reasons unknown to you. Adella sits down at The Tavern to a lunch of fresh strawberries and walnuts, sharing her meal with Lilia, as she always does. BK gives her a wave and goes back to cleaning mugs. She quietly watches the others come and go; some of the other members seem particularly rambunctious today. She runs her fingers over the wood detailing in the table, a small bird etched on its surface. When Adella had arrived at the Guild on her first day, some of the other Guild members had carved it into the thick oak slab to welcome her. You see a brief smile forming on her lips.

The memory abruptly ends.

You're left at a crossroads, wondering where you should go to dispel the key's energy and unravel its secrets.