The Jewel of Truth looks like an expensive Ruby, but no merchant is interested in bartering for it. Its worth is far more valuable than money. It unlocks hidden knowledge about Guild Members whose primary territory is the cold, unforgiving halls of The Dungeon. The Guild is a friendly place, but the number of members is vast; it's hard to meet so many people when everyone's constantly coming and going. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about your fellow associates, or even about yourself.

The Council gives you the Jewel, it's tarnished outside, but the inside glows powerfully. It feels slightly warm in your pocket as you head out from the safe borders of The Guild's base and towards The Dungeon.

Before you have even selected an enemy territory to explore, you can feel the Jewel of Truth humming in your pocket, recalling a memory. It’s already reacting to the approaching rift energy.