Welcome to our beautiful world of Mynerva!

Historians have lost track of how many billions of times we have orbited our star. Mynerva is home to a vast ecosystem, with lush forests, sprawling oceans, fiery volcanoes, murky swamplands, arctic plains, and barren deserts. Our residents are as varied as our lands, each adapting to life on a world indifferent to its inhabitants.

Since the dawn of time, our world has had mysterious forces at work. Magic is a part of daily existence and has been honed and shaped by different tribes over generations. Not all magic in Mynerva is practical. Those who practice the craft are perpetually at war with dark energy, spread from little-known shadows and darkened forests. This energy creates Dark Artifacts, tangible items that, left unchecked, will spread corruption and evil to the areas surrounding them.

This is why The Dungeoneer's Guild was created long ago. All of its members call it simply "The Guild." Members of The Guild are tasked with taking these Artifacts into a protective place simply known as "The Dungeon.” The Dungeon is a sprawling catacomb featuring terrains of all kinds, guarded by more fearsome foes and more menacing monsters the farther down you travel. Delving deeper and deeper into a territory rewards one with a rift at the path’s end. All manner of nasty bosses guard these rifts, but it is there that the planet's energy is the purest. Only after overcoming a boss can a member of The Guild use a rift to seal away some of the energy from a Dark Artifact, protecting the population from its destructive intentions.

Each Artifact can give us knowledge of people, places, creatures, history, and cultures. This knowledge is projected to those nearby the closer an Artifact moves towards a rift. Some Artifacts whisper about long-kept secrets of the past, while others murmur about mysterious events yet to come. Sometimes an Artifact contains knowledge that has no use whatsoever.

The Guild has everything we need here at our base--medical facilities, libraries and labs, sprawling quarters for all of our representatives. The better you do in your explorations, the higher your rank becomes. Everyone has their own reasons for being here. Some seek glory and gold, some desire the daily comforts The Guild provides, some look to make a positive difference in the world, and some just want revenge.

The Jewel and Key tell long stories of the current Heroes of the Guild.

A lightly scratched ruby. Its core glows like a radiant sunrise. Contains knowledge of classic Guild Captains.
A jeweled key, unusable on a mortal's door. Contains knowledge of Guild members cloaked in Earthen colors.

The four Artifacts below tell short tales of Minerva's past and present.

The fang of a great Drake, long since fossilized. Contains knowledge of ancient monsters.
A mysterious bone, dug up by builders. Contains knowledge of the danger of dungeons.
A nearly weightless rock. Contains knowledge of paradoxes.
A beautiful sculpture of a lily. Contains cultural knowledge.