The Key of Dreams is not a key to anything physical. Rather, it unlocks hidden knowledge about Guild Members whose primary territory is the dark and deadly Forest of Shadows. Guild members are cordial to each other, but it is difficult to make good friends in such a large, busy place. And, of course, so many more Guild members enter The Dungeon than return from it. This Key is an opportunity to unlock intimate details about your associates or heretofore hidden secrets about yourself. What will the key tell you?

The Council hands you the Key, its handle gleaming with encrusted emeralds. Feeling the weight of it in your pocket, you leave the safety of The Guild Base and cross over the threshold into the boundaries of The Dungeon. You wonder how a small key could feel so heavy.

Before you have even chosen what Dungeon to explore, the Key of Dreams rustles in your pocket, recalling a memory. It is already reacting to the approaching rift energy.